case study
St Andrews Brewing Company & St Andrews Links Trust
Packaging concept and design

Packaging design

Celebrating golf's first legend
No player is more synonymous with the history of golf than Old Tom Morris, "the father of modern golf". The St Andrews Links Trust has opened the Tom Morris bar and Grill and wanted to release a home range of beers, partnering with St Andrews Brewing Company to produce a Lager and a Scotch Ale for which we developed packaging designs.

As a joint venture between St Andrews Brewing Company and the Links Trust, we needed to develop a design direction that was connected with the packaging style we have developed over time for StABCo while at the same time was a unique and memorable expression for the product itself.

To do this we took reference from historic typographic styles, married them together with the Tom Morris Bar and Grill cameo and colourways, and mixed in St Andrews Brewing Company identity elements. The result is a packaging design that's at once grounded in classic aesthetic and undoubtably contemporary.