case study
St Andrews Brewing Company

Brand strategy

Brand name development

Logo and visual identity system


Built environment design

3D visualisation

Packaging design

Photography and still image


Big things are brewing in St. Andrews
St. Andrews has a long, rich and until recently, a largely forgotten history as a brewing town of significant influence. In 1902 the last of the historic St Andrews breweries - the Argyll - closed its doors. Then in 2011 St Andrews Brewing Company was founded. Within a few short years they were winning awards up and down the country. The art and craft of brewing was back in St. Andrew’s.
In 2017 owners Phil Mackey and Tim Butler approached us to work with them as they pursued their vision to grow the St Andrews Brewing Company brand into something much, much bigger.
We started with their logo. Designed by celebrated local artist Susan McGill, it was synonymous with the brand, yet needed simplified. This was to make sure it would meet the demands of the brand in the future. From here we developed a full visual identity system and brand strategy, completely new packaging, the interiors and exteriors of bars and more. We now work directly within the business to manage and implement all of their marketing and communications requirements.