case study
DART Tool Group
Rebrand launch films

Script writing

3D animation

Video and motion

DART tools looking sharp
Established close to a decade ago, the DART Group are the company behind a range of high-performance precision power tool accessories aimed primarily at trade. Following a successful re-brand, we were approached to develop proposals for a film that was needed to bring the new branding to life, and to serve as a centrepiece for ongoing marketing communications.
We scripted and storyboarded our concepts so that the team from DART could get a clear vision of where the project was headed. From the outset, we were aware that high-quality footage of DART tools in action was central to the success of the project, and given the assets they had to hand, we proposed that we create the required footage entirely as 3D computer generated animations. Given that the tools are relatively straightforward to create in the computer, and the photo-realism achievable with today's software, this approach emerged not only as feasible, but in some respects preferable. The final edits speak for itself - and of course for the DART brand.