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Niblick 69

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Packaging design

3D visualisation

Golfers performance hole in one
Golf pro Anthony Caira worked with 3 Scottish Universities to develop an all natural sports energy supplement targeted specifically at golfers. The result was Niblick 69 (named after the famous historical golf club), hand made in Fife, Scotland.
Packaging and a website had been developed for the brand, and while eye catching and clean, the current design positions the brand too strongly as a gift, and this is affecting sales potential significantly.
We have completely rebuilt the brand from the ground up, starting with sector and target market research and a clear brand strategy. The quirky name has been rationalised to the technical sounding "N69", - typical of the product naming approaches commonly used by the producers of high-end golfing technologies - to enhance the perception of credibility with golfers. A new website has been developed that focuses on the technical advantages of the product and its university-developed heritage. And new visual identity and packaging rounds off the strategy.