case study
Standard Chans

Logo and visual identity system

Standard Chans. Anything but standard.
Standard Chan’s are Hong Hong’s oldest and largest large-format graphics production companies. They tasked us with marrying 50 years of heritage and Chinese family business history with a need to project a truly up-to-date image through a complete re-brand.
The existing logo and identity may have served the business well since 1966, but it was very tired and very out of date. For the logo, we went back to the company's Chinese heritage and began working with a triangular grid. In China, a triangle implies a great amount of very positive culturally relevant ideas. From here the logo form itself was devised - a stylised letter “S” - representing the obvious as well as alluding to the number 8 - the legendary Chinese lucky number.
We also developed a brand pattern device that could be adapted and applied as needed. For this we returned to the triangle and its derivative isometric grid. With the client's core product offering revolving around colour reproduction, we looked to nature for reference, abstracting images of birds and flowers to produce patterns that were distinctive yet grounded in something real, tangible and relevant. All these elements we pulled together to produce the final visual branding system.